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Corporate Hot Air Balloons Have Many Uses: Event Flights and Tethers, Balloon Events & Glows Community Involvement, Drive-Time Traffic (Media) Flights: (Yield 100,000 - 150,000 impressions per hour; potential customers).

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Corporate Hot Air Balloons:   It’s Advertising… It’s Brand Awareness… It’s Public Awareness…It’s Community Involvement… It’s Media Exposure… But most of all….IT DRIVES SALES!

Your flying billboard will stop people in their tracks and make them smile!

When was the last time you saw someone take a photograph of a billboard, or speak with wonder and excitement about a television
advertisement? Hot Air Balloons have real impact and offer advantages that conventional advertising methods lack. Have you ever received a picture of your newspaper advertisement replicated in a hand-drawn rendition colored by a child? Hot Air Balloons make a genuine impact on those who witness them. 

According to studies, a Hot Air Balloon appearance will generate Publicity Value of seven times the actual direct cost of staging the balloon promotion. In relation to Newspaper, Outdoor, Radio and TV media; Hot Air Balloon advertising rated as having the lowest cost per thousand among the five types.

Corporate Hot Air Balloon will Create Excitement! That excitement attracts, and holds, the viewers’ attention.

Hot Air Balloons are universally fascinating, regardless of the spectator’s age, income, gender, or occupation. As such, they are not limited to select demographic profiles.

Hot Air Balloons can function as a giant, colorful, and dynamic floating billboard that carries the brand identity over the population below,generating enormous exposure, and thousands (or even millions) of impressions. Alternatively, the balloon may be tethered at a key location, functioning as a living billboard at peak traffic times. Hot Air Balloons have a very high retention rate. Respondents easily recall the Advertiser’s Brand with accuracy.

Hot Air Balloons can be employed in an infinite number of promotionally effective ways, unparalleled by any other medium (aerial or
otherwise). We can add PR exposure to an event that you are already partnered with, or fly over/tether at events that you are NOT currently affiliated with, to create a MEDIA BUZZ! From High Traffic “Drive Time” Media Flights (throughout the Market), to Stadium Fly-Over’s, and Seasonal “Santa Flights” for Christmas, or “Cupid Flights” for Valentine’s Day… we provide Impact and MEDIA COVERAGE for your Balloon!!! Our marketing team can even distribute promotional items, coupons, or sale information.

A Hot Air Advertising Balloon, soaring through the sky or tethered at a location, catches the attention of over 90% of the people in it’s
sight line. Statistics show about 95% of people that see the balloon, mention the experience to friends and loved ones, thereby creating “word of mouth” advertising. No other form of advertising creates the kind of exposure that provides a lasting impression equal to that of Hot Air Balloon Advertising.